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EABC Ltd was founded in 1990 with the merger of some of the private consulting activities of Tony Michell and John Tough.  In 2001 having worked with Korea Associates as an EABC branch office
since 1991 in Korea, the two organizations formed a majority owned Korean joint venture as Korea Associates Business Consultancy Ltd.  At that time EABC Ltd also had two branch offices in China.

EABC Ltd defines itself as a business consultancy as opposed to a management consultancy or a market research company. The essence of business consulting is that it produces action, and not
just reports, (although we do often research and write market studies and reports on a range of subjects from strategy through the restructuring).

The difference is that we offer affordable hand holding and on-going consulting long after the original report has been completed.  We also offer the potential to provide one stop service for new
comers and companies in transition or involved on either the buy or sell side of M&A. Almost every year we provide temporary management services or temporary teams to handle special or unusual
circumstances. EABC Ltd offers five types of basic service:

•  Consulting services and market research for companies and organizations operating in Asia for non Asian companies and Europe for non European companies, analyzing and proposing action
to deal with the many difficulties which companies face during their operations in an unfamiliar market, from market entry, including M&A, through staffing to market exit.
•   Information services including macro forecasting for Asia but particularly Northeast Asia and micro economic forecasting and market sizing of products markets, and the coordination of monthly
seminars in Korea directly and through our network of partners throughout Asia.  We also provide multiclient presentations - download a list of reports currently available.
•    Fourth Industrial Revolution market and partnership studies 
•    Projects which require resources and know-how to develop services or assistance for specific projects including new developments, marketing to Asian or European organisations.
•   Support to non-government organizations, recently CityNet AsiaPacific, an association of cities throughout Asia, and Humane Society International, through KABC Ltd and humanitarian
organizations working throughout Northeast Asia.

We provide services throughout Europe with our main network partners in Switzerland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, and throughout Asia either through KABC Ltd or our partners with offices in ten
Asian countries from Mongolia to Pakistan.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies, governments, the EU, not for profits and smaller specialist companies.  Quite often we get second stage studies where on the ground knowledge is required
and a lower price after the first stage has been done by the very large management consultancies.
Euro-Asian Business Consultancy Ltd
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Tel: +44(0)1428-724492
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